Our company solemnly promises: the whole machine is guaranteed for 12 months, except for wearing parts.

The 12-month warranty for the whole machine refers to the quality problems caused by the manufacturing defects of the machine itself within 12 months from the date of delivery to the customer. We will give you a free warranty.


Vulnerable parts warranty regulations:

  a. The heating ring and contactor are guaranteed for 6 months;

  b. Template warranty and regulations: The template warranty period is 24 months;

  c. Trolley warranty regulations: Trolley warranty period is 24 months;

  d. The warranty period of ordinary standard screw and barrel is 6 months,

  e. The warranty period of other parts without special instructions is 12 months.

For machines sold beyond the warranty period, replacement parts will be charged a reasonable cost of parts.


No free warranty policy:

a. Failure or damage caused by the working environment not specified by the product (for example, the temperature is too high, too low, wet or dry, unstable power supply, etc.);

b. Failure or damage caused by incorrect use, storage, maintenance, or operation of the product that does not comply with the requirements of the manual;

c. Failure or damage caused by accidental factors or human causes (including operating errors, scratches, handling, bumps, incorrect insertion and removal, foreign objects falling, rodents, insects, etc.);

d. Damage caused by the customer's unauthorized disassembly without the consent of the company's after-sales service personnel;

e. The type of barrel and screw selected when ordering the machine does not match the professionalism of the plastic raw materials used, or the raw materials contain metal impurities and other damage;

f. Failure or damage caused by force majeure (such as earthquake, fire, lightning, etc.);

g. Beyond the warranty period.

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