The injection molding machine does not lock the mold:
1): Check the travel switch in front of the safety door and repair it.
2): Check the 24V power supply in the electric box, replace the fuse and the power box.
3): Check whether the spool is stuck, and clean the spool.
4): Check whether the I/O board has output and whether the solenoid valve is energized.
5): Check whether the hydraulic safety switch is pressed and whether the mechanical lock lever baffle is open

 Mold opening and closing machine twisting noise:
1): Check whether the lubricating oil pipe is disconnected, if so, the oil pipe must be reconnected.
2): The amount of lubricating oil is small, increase the amount of lubricating oil, it is recommended that 50 molds be lubricated once or manually add enough lubricating oil.
3): The clamping force is large, check whether the mold requires a large clamping force, and reduce the clamping force.
4): The parallelism is out of tolerance, use a dial indicator to check whether the parallelism of the first two boards is greater than the acceptance standard; adjust the parallelism.

 Crawl when unlocking:
1): The two-board guide rail and the tie rod are worn out, check the second-board guide rail and tie rod, replace the second-board copper sleeve, tie rod, and add lubricating oil.
2): Improper adjustment of mold opening and clamping speed and pressure. Set flow rate of 20 and pressure of 99. The second plate of mold clamping should not crawl. Adjust the flow rate proportional valve hole or pilot valve hole.
3): There is air in the pipeline and the cylinder, and exhaust.

 The mold cannot be opened:
1): Increase the mold opening and clamping speed, the pressure flow is too small and not adjusted properly, check the mold opening and clamping speed, whether the pressure is appropriate, and increase the mold opening and clamping pressure and speed.
2): The zero position of the mold-locking electronic ruler changes, check whether the mold-locking straightening machine ends at the zero position after twisting, and readjust the zero position of the electronic ruler.
3): Check whether the hinge is reversed.

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