Service advantages

Three-free service:

1. Free installation, commissioning, technical training and operators.

pre-sale service: 

1. Customer product part: fully understand the customer's requirements for the product, provide profit analysis of the product, and human resource allocation budget service.

2. Plant planning part: provide equipment foundation installation size, equipment placement layout, workshop ventilation, exhaust, water transportation, wiring, lifting equipment design services, and planning water, electricity, gas, oil and other programs.

3. Equipment selection part: injection molding machine selection and auxiliary equipment matching and budget.

In-sale service:

1. Fully communicate with the sales department for detailed equipment requirements and deliver to customers on time.

2. Injection molding machine installation and new machine debugging services.

3. Training of injection molding operators to understand the maintenance and maintenance of the machine.

After-sales service:

1. Train to be able to operate, use and maintain independently.

2. No matter when your machine has a problem, just a phone call. Immediately there are senior technical personnel to provide technical support on the phone, and promptly arrange for relevant departments to follow up and deal with them, so as to solve the problems encountered in production in time.

3. From all parts of the machine to all links of injection products, we provide a set of tidy maintenance programs.

4. The user needs new equipment or expansion (reconstruction), providing comprehensive technical guidance.

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